When you think about it, it becomes too much to handle..

When you see about it, you realize that tangible evidences sometimes hidden in plain sight..

When you already realize, then everything begins blurry..

Back then, it was used sometimes to lead people and to make people go to the right course of their lives. A lot of it was used to procreate the best of human’s value, art, sciences and benevolence. Although, in some cases it was used to suppress other people’s freedom. Still, a magnificent work is displayed through the suppressed time frames. Examples given are the pyramids (Maya and Egypt) and also the great wall of china.

Nowadays, it is used (often) to sweeten the harsh reality while we don’t even bother thinking about its deeper meaning. Hell,why bother to think..when it tastes so nice and so good. Why think too much? It seems, in these times we forget too much about the very essence of life. It seems, the world now is just too noisy and too fast.

So do you have any idea what I’m implying?

Well, I’m talking about Symbolism.

In the old days, our great great great grandfather symbolizes demons and such to keep manners and behaviours in such elegant and well organized society. They do it through such work as paintings, carving and metal engraving and even its architectures.Those kind of work are then expanded through the various way of life such as storytelling and gather routinely with our family. The word “Taboo” is introduced in society.

In these days, the variety of works such as painting, carving and metal engraving is enlarged and becomes too vast to measured. Our electronic and modern images has lead us to the world we have never known before. A world where reality is falsely illustrated. There is no such thing as a “Taboo”. The thin layer between real and surreal has been frequently mixed. Thus, the way of life has also been surreal. A lot of tradition and other good way of life such as gathering with family has become more less and lesser.


Whuooo..its been too much to write here..

As I say earlier. When you think about it, it becomes too much to handle…hahaha…


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