There..just like that..Do you see it..its just an awesome picture of wave..A solitary wave, I believe..

This wave is a true meaning of pure energy of the sun. Yes, the sun…an energy derivative output of the sun. Try to think of this, if at one beach, say a kilometer long, those waves could be harnessed as electricity for…say, about 1 Kilowatt/Day. Then how much Megawatt would it got if all of those long beaches in the world is harnessed for its electricity.¬† I would say..very much a lot, especially for a country famous for its long coastline such as Indonesia.

Now, where does this energy comes from…

Well, simply thought of it this way..

The power of the sun, heats up earth ( a part of earth actually, which face the sun ) and generate temperature differences on many places..ultimately places with direct and indirect contact with the sunlight. This temperature differences induce differences in density of air. The different density make air moves from a location of higher density to a location of lower density. Thus we called it WIND. The gushing air.

Those winds eventually blow at the ocean, the big ocean… first it causes few ripples, even by a gentle breeze..but then it grows into swells. From that swells it finally reaches out to continents and hits onto a beach. Plunging and breaking as we enjoy ourselves when we play with waves at the beach. Derivative energy.

These beaches of the continents act as a barrier of the waves. If there are no land masses, these waves would keep on traveling at the seas, continually blown by winds and making it deeper and bigger waves. The energy of the sun, through wind and waves has major impact on shaping our land boundaries. These impacts is widely known by erosion and sedimentation.
…..To Be Continued…..


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