Flores 0.53 Bajawa round about

Mater Boni Consilii, title given to the Blessed Mother Mary, after a painting said to be miraculous, now found in the thirteenth century Augustinian church at Genazzano, near Rome, Italy. Now it is a slogan in this Bajawa Church.

Back from Bena, we were feeling a bit tired. A drive from Riung in the morning and continued with a motorcycle drama makes us want to just lie on our back and enjoy the afternoon in a slow sets. Besides, tomorrow we are heading to Ruteng, so we decided to slow the pace.

Agreed, although human madness is more concerning…there is no vaccine for it. Luckily, we have found it for dogs.

A quick lunch and then back to hotel. Apparently, loitering in the hotel was just not quite right thing to do. So we head back outside,  taking an afternoon walk. Bajawa situation after 16.00 pm coincide with its temperature. Temperature begin to drop as the sun slowly subside and so human activities start to slack.

City square, some kids used it play soccer in this field, or just to relax.

Afternoon walk around Bajawa only took us about an hour. During the walk we got a chance to look at the church and its city square. There is not much, but it is quiet and calm. The only place where it was looking busy was the restaurant and travel agents, street market has closed. Sometimes it has loud music to attract tourists, foreigner mostly, to come by and have a beer or two and offers trips around Flores. Other than that, the city was calm and cold. The walk is ended with a pork dinner, nice one to end the day.

In office hour, this small box is occupied with tourists.

The next morning, we woke up in a freezing air. The pain from yesterday motorcycle drama was enhanced by the cold. Its Sunday and before we leave the town, she wanted to look again and buy those magnificent radiant weaving cloth. We think an early start is good for our schedule. So, we wanted to take a bath but the freezing water just wash the thought instantly.  Its a struggle to get up and to wore those cold shirt but we eventually make it and then we go out. Now, during this special time, amazing thing is now in sight.

Void city…with me polluting the picture.

The city is empty and so quiet. There is nobody around, I mean not a person was in the vicinity. It was like being in a nightmarish movie where there were nobody except you. We wonder, where are the people. The busy market was gone, there were no cars or motorcycle buzzing in the city.  Luckily after a few minutes walk, we found a person and said that every body goes to the church. So we go to the church and voila, there it is… people.

Morning mass. There they are.

This is quite amazing for us, we are astonished that in here, faith did a lot more than money. The market and other activity are delayed while morning mass take place. It is something that is very very rarely seen in my home island, Java.

Wide woven cloth is more suitable to fight the cold.

Then, around 7 am activities begin to pop out, it is after the first mass. One by one, people begin to showed up and routinely do what they do. This include the one who sell weaving in the market.

Just look at that marvelous weaving.

She greeted us with a big smile, recognizes us from yesterday as a fascinated and prospected buyer. Her collection are plentiful, and with varied design. In here, it is common to have unique design among different regency and even between neighboring village. Each cloth and design comes from different area and with its own complexity. Some required a week, some required a month or more to make. Thankfully, its prices rather commensurate its production effort. Sometimes, it is even more cheaper than it should.  Its prices ranges from 200.000 to a million or two million rupiah.

Boutique Ala Bajawa

Dickering is a good way to interweave relation between the seller and buyer. She negotiated and got herself a treasure from this Bajawa trip. Its my capital baseline she said, with a grin on her face. Thus, our luggage weigh a kilogram or so more than before.

Well, actually it is definitely weigh more than 2 kilogram, because from here we also pack ourselves the raw bean of Bajawa coffee, 2 kilograms of unprocessed Bajawa coffee bean. We have tried it before in the hotel and in the restaurant. It was damn good and its aromatic, so we think it would be a great idea to bring it home, even though our backpack just got heavier.

Bye Bajawa, Welcome Ruteng

Done. Its time to parted and say bye to Bajawa. Time to go for Ruteng via local bus. We will surely missed Bajawa from now on and would be a designated destination on our next Flores trip.


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