TOPEX/POSEIDON Satellite and my first Altimetry assignment.

This is my first encounter with satellite, hopefully it won’t be the last :

Geostrophic Surface Current and Sea Level Anomaly July 1997, South Coast of Java

Satellite Altimetry Topex/Poseidon is a satellite system specially designed to observe and monitor the ocean. The resulted data are useful to study the world ocean circulation including Indonesian waters. This assignment is to apply an altimetry data processing algorithm to analyze the sea surface topography and the derived geostrophic surface current only from the Topex/Poseidon data. The study area is the Eastern Part of Indian Ocean from January 1995 – December 1999. In normal condition the Sea Surface Topography changes seasonally. However, during the year of El Nino in 1997 the Sea Surface Topography in Southern Coast of Java are lower than the normal year where it can reach -0.3156 meter difference. This occurs in September 1997.

The geostrophic surface currents derived from Sea Surface Topography show the seasonal changes and also describe eddies which is potential for the occurence of upwelling or downwelling area in the Southern Coast of Java. In the El Nino year this current velocity are seen larger with its maximum velocity reaches -1.12 m/s and moves to the west along 9° S of latitude in Juli 1997. The eddies in that month are seen larger with the coverage area up to 200-300 km2.


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