Six Months Ago

It is exactly on a day like this,

Six month earlier.

It was exactly in such weather like this,

On a bright and sun shining weather such as this.


We laugh together…

We play together…


For a while…

But then you go

and we could only stood still


For a while…


But, we do not forget.

We will not forget.

And we will be better.

Because we and you are always there..

On those memories… in loving memories.

Excellent Indonesian Voices

Here is a few list of my favorite Indonesian Singer :

1. Syaharani :

Nama lengkapnya adalah Saira Syaharani Ibrahim, bukan Syaharani yang dandanan dan lagunya berlebihan itu. Syaharani ini lebih dahulu lahir dan menganut aliran Jazz dalam setiap nada yang dikeluarkan bibirnya. Syaharani yang biasa dipanggil Rani ini hingga 2006 telah merilis 3 solo album jazzy dan satu pop trip-hop (Magma). Dia juga mewakili Indonesia di North Sea Jazz festival 2001, produser album Magma dan Buat kamu (SQf), song writer, serta vocal arranger. Meskipun belum pernah jalan bareng David Beckham, namun Rani pun pernah menjadi bintang tamu dalam Al Jarreau, Iskandarsyah Siregar & Folks, Dave Koz, Keith Martin dan Yellow Jackets Indonesia concert bersama Fourplay.

Awal kesukaan saya dimulai dari dalamnya suara yang dinyanyikan pada lagu Tersiksa Lagi dan Dia pada album LOVE (1999) dan disusul dengan Kesan dan banyak aransemen lagu asing di album Syaharani (2004). Mulai tahun 2006, Syaharani tergabung bersama dalam band Syaharani and The Queen Fireworks. Lalu beliau mengeluarkan dua album lagi pada tahun 2007 (Buat Kamu) dan 2010 (Anytime). Salah satu lagu yang saya suka disini adalah Kemaren. Kalau situ doyan suara yang jelas berkualitas, saya menyarankan anda untuk mencicipi lagu-lagunya Syaharani ini.

2. Tohpati :

Tohpati Ario Hutomo adalah seorang gitaris dan penulis lagu Indonesia. Tohpati merupakan gitaris beraliran jazz. Banyak karya-karyanya memadukan elemen kebudayaan tradisional sejalan dengan usahanya untuk memadukan unsur modern dan unsur tradisional Indonesia dalam musik-musiknya. Aliran musik jazz-nya dipengaruhi oleh banyak gitaris jazz dunia, tapi yang paling besar dalah pengaruh dari gaya permainan Pat Metheny. Awal kesukaan saya dengan Tohpati adalah kombinasi mematikan dari petikan dawainya dengan suara syahdu Shakila dalam lagu Lukisan Pagi (1998). Saya tidak mendengarnya tahun itu tapi kira-kira tahun 2007, cukup telat. Album berikutnya yang saya simak adalah Serampang Samba (2002), sekali lagi saya cukup terbuai dengan kelihaiannya memainkan gitar yang dipadu dengan beberapa instrumen khas bali dan musik khas Indonesia lainnya.  Selanjutnya Tohpati bergabung dalam trio band Trisum, sebuah band Dewa Gitar Indonesia yang rasa-rasanya dapat menyaingi Trio G3 Amerika.   Album bagus berikutnya yang dikeluarkan Tohpati adalah Tohpati Ethnomission yang sepertinya agak lebih ramai dibandingkan Serampang Samba. Tidak banyak andalan lagu saya dalam album ini. Kesan Etnik jelas sekali terdengar melalui album ini. Rasanya seperti memakan semua makanan khas Indonesia dalam satu meja. Sayang sekali album berikutnya, Tohpati Bertiga, dan album trisumnya belum tergapai telinga saya.

3. Balawan :

4. Indra Lesmana :

5. Benyamin. S :

6. Agnes Monica :

7. Andien :

8. Gugun And The Blues Shelter

9. The S.I.G.I.T :

10. Iwan Fals :

11. Katon Bagaskara and its Kla’s :

12. Nugie :

13.  Padi :

14. Candil :

Fourteen of Indonesian singers, whom I remembered, whom I considered with excellent character in their voices.Not in ordinal of course. Probably there are more, most likely are a lot more. But, for now those fourteen is all I had in mind now. Not all of them is a single vocalist, some of them are joined in their bands. My chosen vocalist are mostly renowned not only because of their voices but also for their skill and even their chosen lyrics, such as Balawan, Indra Lesmana and Katon Bagaskara. Later, soon, hopefully… I will try to give a short profile preview about their campaign in the music world.

But for now, this draft writing would have to suffice. he he 🙂

Short Stay in Chiba University

From 28 November – 12 December 2011 I had an opportunity to  visit Japan, at Chiba University in a program called a Short Stay Program. This program is a pre double degree program prepared by the Chiba University to introduce the various research conducted in Chiba University. In these programs we were intended to explore and observe the ongoing research at the research centers in Chiba University. In this program, other participants from reputable university in Indonesia are also invited. Together there are 17 people of us in this program including our Indonesian Supervisor, Dr. Hendarto. The students are from University of Indonesia, Institute of Technology Bandung, Padjajaran University, Gajah Mada University, Hasanuddin University and Udayana University.

By the morning of the 28th November, the 13 of us, supervised by Dr. Hendarto had landed at Narita International Airport, while the other 4 students had already arrived the earlier night.  We continued from the airport to the dormitory where Prof. Josaphat had awaited and welcome us.  In the dormitory we were introduced by Prof. Josaphat and his assistants regarding our short stay program. We immediately divided into small groups according to our specialized program. For my self and my friend from University of Indonesia, Rendy Tama, we were assign under the supervision of Prof. Josaphat himself at the CeReS Laboratory. On that day, we were allowed to rest and conform ourselves with help of his assistant Mr. Yudo Prasetyo and Mr. Ilham Alimuddin.


Figure 1. The whole team of short stay program with Prof. Josaphat.

The next day and the following day we were mostly assign in our designated research laboratory. Other activities at the research center include a training/workshop and seminars held at the CeRES research center. Such training/workshop was given at the 5-6 December 2011 called “Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Basic Processings ” and seminars was held at each of research laboratory. Another kind of activity we attend to is the introduction of several Japanese cultures such as Tea Ceremony and Origami Class. Here is the schedule and main activities on our short stay programs

1. 28 November 2011 :

Arrived at Inage, Chiba. Introduction by Prof. Josaphat and his assistants.

 2. 29 November 2011 :

Attending International Plant Factory Conference 2011. Kashiwanoha Campus.

3. 30 November 2011 :

Laboratory Introduction. Assign to our supervisor.

4. 01 December 2011 :

Beginning of laboratory exploring, starting with a survival Japanese language course.

5. 02,07-10 December 2011 :

Laboratory studies and seminars.

6. 03 December 2011 :

Tea Ceremony.

7. 04 December 2011 :

A short trip toTokyo, courtesy by Chiba Indonesian Student Organisation (PPI Chiba).

8. 05 – 06 December 2011 :

Basic Training on SAR Processing.

9. 07 December 2011 :

Origami Class.

10. 08 December 2011 :

Welcoming and farewell party by  Chiba Indonesian Student (PPI Chiba).

  11. 11 December 2011 :

Back to Indonesia.

Supervised by Prof. Josaphat, I learned about his laboratory which has a diverse approach regarding Synthetic Aperture Radar. This approach includes both theoretic and practical measures. This measure surely gives advantages to the laboratory, because not only the studies are conducted on papers but also the development of the new sensors and unmanned aerial aircraft gives it a complete perspective on the SAR remote sensing. In fact, Prof. Josaphat said that his laboratory will be given a chance to develop its own satellites in the coming year. This incredible news will certainly gives CeRES valuable prestige in the SAR research community.

ImageFigure 2. Prof. Josaphat giving a lecture in SAR Basic Processing workshop.

At the CeRES Laboratory I also learned about SAR from Prof. Josaphat students, they give me a  guidance through various literature and study cases. In this laboratory I realized that this laboratory consist of people with different nationality, although most of are Indonesian, this indicates that this laboratory had always been an interest from various university around the world. One of the main usage of SAR in this laboratory is to measure land subsidence.  The basic idea for the generation of land subsidence products is the conversion of differential interferometric phase information, derived from three or more SAR acquisitions at different dates from slightly different orbital positions, into displacements (DInSAR technique).

From those activities we had so much experiences and understanding about research at the Chiba University especially within CeRES Laboratoy. This program has gives us a broad view of studying in Chiba look like. Learning in Chiba definitely has many advantages, a lot of international students in the lab already shown that interest. I am lucky to be involved in this short stay program, because I have learned more about remote sensing and even in advanced ways. During the short stay I realize that with SAR one can make high resolution images of the sea surface. This is important for Indonesia which is a maritime country and especially when you learn about oceanography. Microwaves penetrate the clouds and thus radars are ideal remote sensing instruments. SAR extracts all information about oceanic and atmospheric phenomena from sea surface roughness variations. Some ocean phenomena detectable by SAR is Internal waves, oceanic fronts, oil pollution, oceanic eddies, ocean surface waves.

The most unfortunate thing for me is that in the earlier study I have taken an interest to a different field study of remote sensing. Satellite Altimetry. It has been an ongoing research for me which start from my undergraduate final project until now in my graduate study thesis. In the future, with this interest of SAR remote sensing and my knowledge about altimetry it is very tempting to combine these two (altimetry and SAR) methods to observe the ocean. It could be the way to know more about the Indonesian seas. If there is a chance in the upcoming years, I would lovely try to gives attention to study about the usage of SAR in the ocean.

Idea. (Eng)


I remembered a movie called INCEPTION with its director Christopher Nolan. I admire the idea and the never-ending story plot. The story begins with an illustration of a dream process described with robbery /looting of a valuable item/ information on some kind of mansion. Those Information/valuables is a parable of secrets stored on someone’s head which is firmly embedded. The perpetrators managed to steal those information by tapping into people’s heads through connected dreams. After the valuables/ information are drawn all the players woke up from sleep. Mission complete.

The film went on, with its main characters being proposed to do anything beyond the grip of habit, something much more difficult. The offer requires them to implant a seed of thought in people’s heads, instead of taking/raiding information. The hope is to benefit from these implanted ideas, as if the idea was purely comes from inside the victim when it is actually planted by the offender interest. Of course, all businesses of penetration and planting seeds of thought are carried by means of a dream without being noticed by the victim. The main thought of this film is to make dreams as a place full of adventure and suitable container to enter someone minds either to take or implant a thought. Careful illustration process of dreams and a good scenario makes this movies very interesting to watch.

What can be learned from the film?

For me, the movie reveals that in order to implant a single mind of thoughts to an individual requires a long and difficult process. To make a person to have thought deeply about an idea requires a fairly heavy struggle. The process of planting ideas and thoughts can’t be through a process of coercion. An idea can’t be imposed. After all, a brain washing process can’t be done in a day and a night. These kinds of thoughts should arise as if these ideas come from within himself and has gone through a long process of thinking by him/herself. Such process is described by the multi-layered and dangerous dream processes to build a self cultured thoughts in the Inception movie. To establish an individual to have such an idea they must go through an interrelated processes and mutual build up scenario towards the wanted idea.

Educational process is much the same as in the process of idea planting onto an individual. Both require a long and winding journey. A good idea is embedded in the mind, born from education/planted ideas with a built and managed growth rate.

Through these thoughts, I could at least be a little more understand why an education process requires a long long time, from kindergarten , elementary, junior high, high school and to university. These lengthy  education time, make a man becomes more civilized and dignified. Even a crook/criminal knows/ understands manners prevailing in the community. Because at the very least, lessons concerning a good manners have been taught at a time in minor age. Regarding the choices to be a criminal, solely lies in the possibility of growth and development journey of their life which possibly surrounded by such terrible environment.

Green Idea?

In the course of life that I follow and I still live in to this day, the word “living environment” has evolved into some important meaning. Presumably I should be grateful, thanks to the efforts of my family who always takes me to go to the Bogor Botanical Garden, Ragunan Zoo Jakarta, Cisarua Safari Park and to the beautiful beaches of Java while I was a little kid. The environment became a familiar word in my personal growth and development. Even now I am following organizations which have close relation to the environment. One organization that I follow also carries “living environment” in its vision, although in this organization journey I feel a certain deviation from its vision thanks to the changes and development of this millennium era. One of the things that this organization is trying to develop is Community Development. This idea was recently implemented in this organization and in fact this idea seems to be forced into the organization. Its members apparently are not accustomed to such idea. Whereas, the main foundation of the organization is  living environment and the promoted idea is Green Community Development. Such a closely related idea.

However, as I said before, to make a thought to be a powerful idea inherent in a person requires a process that does not quick and easy. The growth of the  idea of Green Community Development should be built and managed through work programs that support towards it. By those work programs, little by little the understanding of the ideas  were implanted in order to encourage the individual/organization to progress and develop. If this organization still wants to participate in the Green Community Development then the foundation that has been built in early recent time this has to be strengthened and developed regularly. Like a university student, the student should be directed to take courses within the idea related sciences division. For an organization, a road map should be made and taken to further strengthen the idea.

Finally, the idea is something that encourages us to move. In this case, the idea can be viewed as a fruit of hope. An idea that is strongly attached will move us to the expectation that we want to achieve. Therefore, the idea is very valuable to us. Expectations and achievement is determined by an idea.



Saya teringat sebuah film layar lebar dengan judul INCEPTION karya sutradara Christopher Nolan. Saya mengagumi idenya dan plot cerita yang tanpa akhir. Cerita bermula dari sebuah illustrasi proses mimpi yang digambarkan dengan proses perampokan/pengambilan suatu barang berharga/informasi dari sebuah rumah. Informasi/barang berharga tersebut merupakan perumpamaan dari rahasia yang tersimpan dalam kepala yang tertanam kuat-kuat. Para pelaku berhasil mencuri informasi tersebut dengan memasuki kepala orang melalui mimpi yang terhubung. Setelah barang berharga/informasi tersebut terambil semua pelaku terbangun dari tidurnya. Misi selesai.

Film berlanjut dengan tawaran bagi para pelaku untuk melakukan sesuatu yang diluar pakem kebiasaan, sesuatu yang jauh lebih sulit. Tawaran tersebut mengharuskan mereka untuk menanamkan suatu benih pikiran pada kepala orang, alih-alih mengambil/merampok informasi. Harapannya adalah untuk mendapatkan keuntungan dari ide yang ditanamkan tersebut, seolah-olah ide tersebut murni dari sang korban padahal berasal dari kepentingan sang pelaku. Tentu saja, semua usaha pengambilan dan penanaman benih pikiran tersebut dilakukan menggunakan sarana mimpi tanpa diketahui oleh sang korban. Pemikiran utama dari film ini adalah menjadikan mimpi sebagai tempat petualangan yang luas dan merupakan wadah yang tepat untuk masuk dalam pikiran orang baik untuk mengambil atau menanamkan suatu pemikiran. Proses ilustrasi mimpi yang cermat dan scenario yang bagus menjadikan film ini sangat menarik untuk ditonton.

Apa yang bisa dipelajari dari film tersebut?

Bagi saya, film tersebut mengungkapkan bahwa untuk menanamkan suatu buah pikiran pada satu benak suatu individu memerlukan proses yang lama dan sulit. Untuk membuat seseorang agar mempunyai pemikiran mendalam mengenai satu buah ide membutuhkan perjuangan yang cukup berat. Proses penanaman ide dan pemikiran tersebut tidak bisa melalui proses pemaksaan. Suatu ide tidak bisa dipaksakan. Toh, proses pencucian otak juga tidak bisa dilakukan sehari semalam. Buah pikiran tersebut harus timbul seolah-olah buah pikiran tersebut timbul dari dalam dirinya sendiri dan telah melalui proses pemikiran panjang dari dalam dirinya sendiri. Suatu proses yang digambarkan dengan berlapis-lapis mimpi yang membahayakan untuk membangun kesadaran diri tersebut dalam film Inception. Untuk membentuk suatu individu untuk memiliki ide semacam itu harus melalui jalan yang saling berkaitan dan saling membangun menuju ide yang diinginkan itu.

Proses pendidikan setali tiga uang dengan proses penanaman ide pada suatu individu. Keduanya membutuhkan perjalanan yang berliku dan panjang. Suatu ide yang tertanam baik pada suatu pikiran, dilahirkan dari pendidikan/penanaman ide yang dibangun dan diatur tingkat pertumbuhannya.

Melalui pikiran tersebut, saya setidaknya bisa sedikit lebih mengerti kenapa proses pendidikan memerlukan proses yang panjang, dari TK, SD, SMP, SMA hingga Perguruan Tinggi. Pendidikan yang lama dan panjang tersebut, membuat seorang manusia menjadi beradab dan lebih bermartabat. Bahkan seorang penjahat/kriminal pun mengetahui/mengerti sopan santun yang berlaku di masyarakat karena setidaknya perihal sopan santun itu sudah diajarkan padanya pada suatu masa saat dia kecil. Mengenai pilihannya untuk menjadi jahat/kriminal, semata-mata terletak pada kemungkinan perjalanan perkembangan dan pertumbuhan hidupnya yang dikelilingi oleh kondisi lingkungan yang buruk.  

Green Idea?

Dalam perjalanan hidup yang saya ikuti dan masih saya jalani sampai sekarang, frase kata lingkungan hidup menjadi sesuatu yang penting maknanya. Agaknya saya harus berterima kasih, berkat usaha keluarga saya yang senantiasa mengajak saya pergi ke Kebun Raya Bogor, Kebun Binatang, Taman Safari dan pantai-pantai di Jawa J. Lingkungan hidup menjadi frase kata yang akrab dengan pertumbuhan dan perkembangan pribadi saya. Hingga sekarang pun saya mengikuti organisasi-organisasi yang berkaitan dengan lingkungan hidup. Salah satu organisasi yang saya ikuti juga mengusung kata lingkungan hidup namun dalam perjalanannya saya merasakan adanya deviasi pemikiran berkat perubahan dan perkembangan jaman. Salah satu hal yang coba dikembangkan organisasi ini adalah mengenai Community Development. Ide ini belum lama diterapkan dalam organisasi ini dan pada kenyataannya ide tersebut mempunyai kesan yang dipaksakan. Padahal, landasan utama dari organisasi tersebut adalah lingkungan hidup dan ide yang diusung tersebut adalah Green Community Development. Ide yang erat terkait.

Namun, seperti saya ungkapkan sebelumnya, untuk menjadikan suatu buah pikiran menjadi suatu ide yang melekat kuat dalam diri seseorang membutuhkan proses yang tidak singkat dan mudah. Ide mengenai Green Community Development tersebut harus dibangun dan diatur pertumbuhannya melalui program-program kerja yang mendukung kearah tersebut. Sedikit demi sedikit pemahaman tersebut ditanamkan agar menjadi ide yang mendorong individu/organisasi tersebut untuk maju dan berkembang. Jikalau organisasi ini masih ingin untuk berperan serta dalam Green Community Development maka landasan awal yang telah dibangun dalam beberapa waktu terakhir ini haruslah diperkuat dan diatur perkembangannya. Layaknya seorang mahasiswa, mahasiswa ini harus diarahkan untuk mengambil mata kuliah dan divisi ilmu yang berkaitan dengan ide tersebut. Bagi sebuah organisasi, sebuah peta perjalanan (roadmap) selayaknya harus dibuat dan ditempuh untuk semakin memperkuat ide tersebut.

Akhir kata, ide merupakan sesuatu yang mendorong kita untuk bergerak. Dalam hal ini, ide dapat dipandang sebagai suatu buah harapan. Suatu ide yang kuat melekat akan menggerakkan kita pada pengharapan yang ingin kita raih. Oleh karena itu, ide merupakan hal yang sangat berharga bagi diri kita. Harapan dan pencapaian kita ditentukan oleh sebuah ide.